Welcome to Bispham Physio

To avoid missing work, Bispham Physio offers evening clinic sessions 5 nights a week and weekends. We will also soon be offering daytime clinics.

Please see contact details for appointments.

Chartered Physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners who specialise in remedying musculo-skeletal impairments, with the aim of improving quality of life through subjective and objective assessment/measurement, which leads to formulating a diagnosis and helps us place you on the correct care pathway with treatment, whether that be through manual and electrical therapy, exercise therapy, education or all of the above.

Being medically trained, you will see Chartered Physiotherapists working in the hospital environment in outpatients, orthopaedics, surgical, intensive care, cardiac, oncology, respiratory care, paediatrics and so on. We also work closely with GP’s, consultants and other medical professionals such as food and nutritional experts and occupational health therapists, to improve quality of life for people not only in the hospital environment, but also in the home and workplace. Physiotherapist’s also work closely with sports therapists and exercise specialists to help improve daily function/activities, sporting activity and injury prevention.

Other activities included in clinical practice are keeping up with up to date research, education, consultation and any administration work that is required. i.e. within the practice, liaising with other professionals and referrals.

It is the aim of Bispham Physio to provide one of the best dynamics, on the Fylde coast. by providing skills with versatility that can help you with any musculo-skeletal problem, whether that be from work/postural, personal injury, or activity/sport related trauma.

Here at the clinic, we also offer an ergonomic area where we can demonstrate correct set up of your workstation either at home or at work. The ergonomic equipment is supplied by top ergonomic equipment suppliers CPINSTALL & POSTURITE.

Remember: Early intervention is the best possible route to cure! And if we can’t see it we can’t assess it! So always come suitably dressed for your musculo-skeletal assessment, with your physiotherapist. Bispham Physio is situated in Blackpool on the Fylde Coast, on the first floor of Moor Park health centre. The stairs are very wide and there is also a large lift for easy access. Parking is also free and the bus service stops right outside.

Please note: as of yet we have no card facilities.